Aerospace & Aviation

Get back up and flying fast with CAP Logistics

The Aviation & Aerospace industries are marvels of human ingenuity and modern engineering.

Airplanes and spacecraft are complex systems with specialized parts including jet turbine blades made from single crystal superalloys, sensitive NASA-quality instruments, and rare aircraft parts that are no longer in production yet are integral to your operational uptime.

These special systems have many moving parts, and with CAP Logistics, you stay in control 24/7/365.

When these systems have parts break down or supply chains unexpectedly get caught up, planes can be grounded and operations can be delayed. You know having an aircraft on ground (AOG) costs money. Delayed rocket launch costs can be even more astronomical.

We understand that delays and higher costs upset your clients and your business’ bottom line. That’s why we offer unparalleled expedited shipping solutions to help our aviation and aerospace clients keep downtime to a minimum.

We offer the best in AOG and general aviation logistics, rapid repair and returns, global air charter service, priority freight, heavy weight or oversized freight, and international courier carries for critical parts and documents.

Choose CAP Logistics for your customized solutions, full control and operational communication, and the highest level of service dependability.

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