About Us

Do you want to minimize downtime, increase reliability, and ensure your operations’ profitability, right? You need to have complete visibility and control over your supply chain 24/7/365 , and CAP Logistics can help you achieve that! 

With CAP as a single point of contact, you can have instant access to multiple transportation options, expert logistics advice, and confidence in knowing that you’re covered.

37 years ago we started with a focus on 24/7/365 true emergency expedite air freight, with a focus on problem-solving, and while that continues to be our core competency, today we’ve become so much more.

Our customers are telling us that they like the CAP Family of Companies because they want a single source who can provide choice of options to improve their logistics supply chain and can help them hold down overall expenses (save money) and capture value, as well. 

They want to talk to experienced people that they know and trust, with the skill set to not only understand each particular situation, but the overall needs of their company and industry as well.   

We have invested in many key assets including airplanes & trucks to provide a blended service. To improve our competencies, we have been integrating supporting processes & technology into our rigorous CAPwAir system as well as training for our people on providing multiple solutions while maintaining consistency, quality, and follow-up.

This aligned combination, gives our customers more time to support their main jobs – growing their business and taking care of their customers; both external and internal.  

The reviews we are getting from our customers indicate that they are very happy with our expanded service and our daily dedication to quality.  


CAP Logistics
4120 Jackson St.
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