Refinery Transport Logistics Solutions

CAP Logistics is uniquely positioned in the transport industry, featuring a dedicated team of refinery transport specialists who bring decades of combined industry experience.

Heavy, Over-sized & Time-Sensitive

Our refinery team has the specialized knowledge required to move heavy, over-sized shipments faster than anyone else. A dedicated CAP operator is available to guide you through the entire process - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know that refinery transport presents a unique logistics challenge, and our team is committed to ensuring limited down-time during your refinery’s construction or maintenance.

Our Uptime Experts Develop Your Plan


Custom Refinery Uptime Plans

Contact CAP to learn how our experts can ensure uninterrupted operations.

Allow a CAP Logistics uptime expert develop your company’s plan to prevent refinery downtime. Most downtime is unplanned. That’s why CAP offers complete logistics solutions that can automatically alert your supplier and provide an expedited replacement part, while you focus on growing your business. CAP works closely with leaders in the refining industry, and we understand the complexities and expenses associated with downtime. Let our professionals develop and uptime strategy for your company, call CAP Logistics today.