The Storytellers:  Supply Chain & Logistics

CAP Logistics Presents: Supply Chain & Logistics (SCL): The Storytellers. Each week, guest host Doug Draper of Acme Distribution and Denver Transportation Club interviews a supply chain or logistics expert. Tune in every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. to KDMT Denver’s Money Talk 1690 AM, or watch the livestream at


Doug’s guest is Doug Thompson, Vice President-Corporate Sales for Genesee & Wyoming Railroad. The Dougs touch on key connectors and precision in the railroad industry as it relates to the supply chain.

Doug catches up with Julie Lockwood, Director at IBM. Julie introduces a new innovative IBM partnership with Maersk called TradeLens, focused on using blockchain technology to bring truth, transparency, and better standards to the logistics industry.

Doug gets Rich Waryn of LDK Logistics in the hot seat to talk about venture capital vs private equity in the logistics industry.

Doug and returning guest, Alyssa Correale of Redwood Logistics hash out transportation management systems in the 21st century.

Doug invites Duffy Crane President Jeff Cummings for a conversation on the logistics, compliance, and regulations of heavy hauling.

Doug sits down with Kellen Pucher, Director, Strategic Initiatives - Connected Vehicles at Panasonic. Doug and Kellen talk Smart Mobility, and how to make Denver the Silicon Valley of transportation.

Doug converses with Bob Malley, Managing Director at Pierbridge. Doug and Bob hone in on omnichannel retail and stories from the endless aisle.

Doug invites Bonnie Shields of CAP Worldwide back for a timely discussion on the current trade war with China, and just how much the new tariffs impact the supply chain.

Doug talks with Karen Gerwitz and Alex Beim of World Trade Center Denver. As we know, trade touches almost every aspect of the supply chain, Doug, Alex, and Karen speak to the importance of protecting trade, as well as the upcoming World Trade Day event on May 14.

Doug introduces Mike Regan, Co-Founder and Chief of Relationship Development at TranzAct Technologies, Inc. Together Doug and Mike focus on LTL trends, including, pricing trends, über freight, e-commerce, and more.

Doug introduces us to Mike Mullane, CEO of SphereWMS. Mike and Doug tap into the realm of warehouse technology, including discussion on robots, drones, and artificial intelligence.

Doug revisits with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Doug’s guests include Matt Sanman of Kiewit Construction, Stacia Sellers with the Central 70 Project, and Tamara Rollison with the I-25 Gap Project.

Doug introduces Eric Seamon, President and Co-Founder of the China-based Oceanwide Logistics International. Together Doug and Eric talk about the differences of the logistics worlds in China and the U.S.

Doug introduces us to Aaron Huff of Commercial Carrier Journal. Doug and Aaron touch on trailer technology and the internet of things related to equipment management.

Doug introduces Bill Cassidy of the Journal of Commerce as they take a rigorous look at the New England Motor Freight (NEMF) bankruptcy.

Doug introduces us to Jerry Hempstead, aka Mr. Parcel. Doug gets back to his roots with Jerry as they discuss the parcel industry.

Doug introduces Heidi Hostetter and Adam Papilion of H2 Manufacturing Solutions and Women in 3D Printing. As technology progresses, so does the supply chain; Doug, Heidi, and Adam discuss the impact of 3D printing.

Doug introduces us to Joe Gordon, Vice President Supply Chain at Teriyaki Madness. Joe and Doug discuss the impact of the supply chain on franchises; and perhaps most importantly, to ensure you treat your suppliers and drivers with the utmost respect.

Doug introduces Bryson Patterson of the Small Business Administration. Get some helpful tips to ensure your business is getting the best bang for its buck.

Doug introduces us to Deke Young of DigitalGlobe. Deke and Doug dig in on the logistics of satellites.

Doug introduces Thomas Cooke of Cooke Consulting Solutions, LLC. Tom’s military background plays a role in his knowledge of logistics within the private sector.

Doug Draper introduces us to several guests that attended Operation Stimulus 2019. These guests include Axel Marrocco, Senior Engagement Manager at Operation Stimulus, Elena Chena, Syracuse University student, Julie Willems-Espinoza, Associate Director at College of Business Center for Logistics Education & Research at University of North Texas, Yhana Burbel, West Florida University student, and Barry Brewer, Logistics Professor at University of Wyoming.

Doug Draper introduces Chris Spear, President and CEO of American Trucking Associations, and this year’s keynote speaker at the 38th Annual Operation Stimulus Conference and Case Competition.

Doug Draper introduces us to Henri Duhot, of H.D. Duhot and Associates. This unique episode of The Storytellers features a “rapid fire” Q & A session on trending logistics topics.

Doug Draper introduces Jenyce Houg of Houg Transportation and Resources. With over 30 years in the transportation industry, Jenyce weighs in on what it’s like for women in this male-dominated industry.

Doug Draper introduces us to Erin Kuhn, British Consul at the UK Government Office. Together Doug and Erin chew over Brexit and the potential effects it has on UK and Colorado relations.

Doug Draper introduces Greg Fulton of Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA). Doug and Greg talk about the latest in transportation regulations.

Doug Draper introduces Amy Ford of Livingston International. Together, Doug and Amy dive into the reverse logistics sector.

Doug Draper introduces us to Major Mark Lazane of U.S. Northern Command (NORAD). Together they’ll go into the history of NORAD, as well as how to track Santa’s route this Christmas Eve. December 24, find out exactly where Santa is by calling 1-877-HI-NORAD (1-877-446-6273).

Doug Draper introduces Evan Price of CAP Logistics. Doug and Evan converse about Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) state of affairs and future challenges.

Doug Draper introduces us to Kerry Slaven of Spire Global. Kerry and Doug review the impact of transporting lithium batteries.

Doug Draper introduces Doug Brittin, of the Denver Transportation Institute. Doug and Doug tackle the importance of logistics education in the supply chain.

Doug Draper and Bonnie Chacon of CAP Worldwide introduce Michael Webb of Petrol Alchemy. Doug, Michael, and Bonnie analyze the latest regulations on ocean freight, and how Petrol Alchemy is on the leading edge of a solution.

Doug Draper introduces us to Jeff Goldfogel, also of Acme Distribution. Doug and Jeff explore the prominence of warehouse space in the supply chain.

Doug Draper introduces Will Metcalf of OmniTrax. Will and Doug dive deep into what it’s like workin’ on the railroad.

Doug Draper and CAP Worldwide’s Bonnie Chacon examine the influence of Chinese tariffs on the supply chain.

Doug Draper and returning guest, Bonnie Chacon of CAP Worldwide, introduce Stephane Lessard the Canadian Consulate General in Denver to converse about the impact of the NAFTA discussions between nations.

Doug Draper introduces us Jakob Sadd with JBS. Together, Doug and Jakob tackle the realm of cold chain, and what that means to you.

Doug Draper introduces Brandon Fried, Executive Director of Airforwarders Association. Brandon and Doug dig in on the nitty gritty of how regulations are affecting safety and security in aviation.

Doug Draper introduces us to Tyler Walton, owner of 5 Logistics. Tyler and Doug dive into issues related to importing.

Doug Draper and repeat guest, Bonnie Chacon of CAP Worldwide introduce Alvaro Espinosa of Be 9 Sigma Consulting. Together the three of them will discuss how to conduct business in Mexico.

Doug Draper introduces Julie Lockwood of IBM to talk about the exciting world of blockchain within the logistics industry.

Doug Draper introduces us to Rebecca White of the Colorado Department of Transportation and Matt Sanman of Kiewit to talk about the Central 70 Project and the impact it will have on the Supply Chain and Logistics industries.

Doug Draper introduces Roy Becker, of Roy Becker Seminars and Bonnie Chacon of CAP Worldwide as they discuss what Incoterms are, and their significance within the supply chain.

Doug Draper introduces Alyssa Correale of MicroStar Logistics to talk about the importance of transportation, as well as the state of affairs in the trucking industry.