Industrial Parts Transportation

Meet Project Deadlines & Avoid Downtime


So here’s the deal. CAP is a logistics company that delivers value along with critical industrial parts out in the real world for people like you. We turn our customers into CAP enthusiasts by helping you meet project deadlines for your industrial parts transportation so you can avoid those calls that start out with cussing and crying and ultimately result in an earful from your customer. So when your deadlines are met, we might as well deliver you a recliner to go along with your bill of lading once that sense of satisfaction sets in.

We’ll make tears of happiness flow with one bearing delivery. We’ll incite spontaneous celebration with the drop of that new motor. Heck, we might even prompt a hug from the guy across from you who’s been buried in manufacturers catalogs since 1986, just for a couple of cylinders.

Your OEMs will thank you for using our industrial parts transportation solutions. Your customers will love you and you’ll be able to sit back in that thing you call a chair and dream it’s that recliner we just told you about. So give us a call. Let’s work together to make sweet maintenance repair and operating music.