Heavy Equipment


Get Parts Fast & Avoid Costly Downtime

The sounds, the smells, and the sight of those power-driven beasts are enough to bring you to your knees. You can almost hear a rumble deep down in the earth, as you picture a 116-ton shovel or the roar of an engine powering a 150-ton haul truck. Maybe all you need is a diesel generator and that's fine too.

Unfortunately, on a job or project site, knowing when you’ll need one of these earth-moving brutes would make you a mind reader. And since you’re making engines grind, it’s safe to assume you’re not a psychic. To that end, CAP is ready to move critical parts and equipment from the dealers straight to you and vice versa. So call us anytime. Let us help you avoid costly downtime so you can rev the motor back up on that perfectly painted monster out there just calling your name.