Denver Transportation Club Awards CAP Logistics

This week, The Denver Transportation Club hosted the 35th annual Operation Stimulus Conference. During the event, CAP Logistics and its founder, Gayle Dendinger, were honored with the prestigious Eagle Award. The award, which weighs over 150 pounds, was created in 1993 and is presented to a company that exemplifies excellence in transportation services, supports logistics education, and participates in advocacyeagayle for the logistics community. As a supporter of the Denver Transportation Club and the greater logistics community in the Rocky Mountains, CAP Logistics continually helps lead the transportation community.

First and foremost, the award recognizes the business success of CAP Logistics over the past 30+ years. By being both asset-based and technology-driven, CAP has been able to provide unparalleled service through its customized transportation solutions. CAP Logistics has formed great partnerships with universities in order to advance supply chain education and to help develop a more educated workforce.

Recognizing the need for a forum of Colorado leaders in order to better work with each other, Gayle founded the Colorado Business Roundtable in conjunction with the twenty-three state roundtables and the Business Roundtable in Washington. By connecting and collaborating, members are better off with a larger network, better best practices, and advocacy for business-friendly policies.

Being a great believer in the power of collaboration, he has also established ICOSA Media, a media services company including video production, publishing, and radio & digital broadcasting.

CAP Logistics provides complete transportation solutions for time-sensitive and mission-critical freight – anytime, any day, to anywhere in the world. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, CAP Logistics operates one of the most extensive and comprehensive domestic and international heavyweight and emergency transportation and distribution networks. Engage online at, LinkedIn and Facebook.

For customized transportation solutions, call 1-800-227-2471

Historical Winners of the Eagle Award include:

Graebel Companies

Gunderson of Colorado


C.F. Lynch & Associates

Navajo Shippers

MARAD, Office of Cargo Preference

IBM Global Logistics Integrated Supply Chain

Rocky Mountain Transload

K-2 Transportation Services

Coors Brewing Company

Union Pacific Railroad

Nations Way Transport Service, Inc.

Southern Pacific Lines

Houg Enterprises, Inc.

Gates Rubber Company

United Parcel Service (UPS)

Roadway Express

BNSF Railway

CEVA Logistics

The Gates Corporation

CAP Logistics