Get Parts to Your Customers on Time

You’re defined by production and continuous motion. Just working in the automotive industry has to make you want to drive efficiency. Or at the very least, to drive off in one of those perfect performance vehicles that just came off your line. From raw materials to someone’s new ride; you made sure all the right parts were there just-in-time, for just the right car. Keeping inventory low and making you the master of lean production.

CAP understands that change is constant in your industry. And in a world that doesn’t like change, your industry continues to flaunt and tease consumers with all weather tires that climb mountains, audio components that rival dance parties in Vegas, keyless entry even Houdini couldn’t master and remote starters for those cold days when you need your bum just perfectly warmed. Let’s face it, you can’t deny the public what they want. So keep on, keeping on.

Let CAP focus on you and the materials you need to maintain an on-time production line. Meaning, we want to maintain that complex menu of parts flowing like hot sauce at a taco shop.