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When to Choose Air Freight Shipping

Uptime is important to you and your business’ bottom line. You’ve planned for operational success and reliability, though unforeseen events could still happen – in fact, 87% of catastrophic failures occur without warning. Critical parts can break down ahead of the projected maintenance & repair schedule, or production lines can hit a bottle neck with a shortage of key manufacturing components. That’s why successful companies expect the unexpected and have a plan in place utilizing expedited shipping and air freight.

At CAP Logistics, we love a good challenge. Our air freight shipping experts will give you the prompt freight quote and customized transportation solutions you need in the most difficult situations. With CAP, you have direct access to 24 hour shipping, Five Star Customer Service, and online freight tracking, so you are always confident in knowing where your shipment is and when it will arrive at its destination.

Three considerations for when to ship air freight:

  • Speed is Important

    Do you need to reduce your transit time drastically? If so, air freight shipping may be the answer. Air freight shipping can get your package anywhere in the world in a few days, and across the U.S. in what is frequently the minimum amount of time. In addition to access to a fleet of aircraft with Alliance Air Charter, CAP Logistics’ relationships with the key cargo and commercial air carriers can ensure your freight gets on board and on its way quickly.

  • It Can’t Get Lost

    Have you ever had a shipment get lost? In addition to the initial setback, the uncertainty of where your freight is and not knowing if and when it’ll ever arrive can impose extra costs. Because air freight shipping is more of a premium shipping service, the demands of the industry require a higher level of care for your shipment. Increased visibility through ever-improving tracking technology makes sure your cargo gets to your destination with updates and visibility along the way – keeping you informed and in control.

  • No Damage is Essential

    Does your shipment need special care or need to arrive without damage? When you have a shipment that is either fragile or must arrive in good condition, there is no substitute for air freight shipping. When a valuable part isn’t delivered in a suitable manner, you know it costs more than the part itself. Time and money are valuable resources, so invest ahead of time in the extra care that CAP air freight shipping provides for your goods.


These are three considerations for when to choose air freight shipping, though CAP Logistics’ Operations Specialists can provide you with a full range of quotes and options for your customized transportation solutions.

Their deep industry experience with a wide range of modal options will give you and your company an advantage when looking to ensure your operation’s uptime and reliability – and therefore, profitability. Partner with CAP Logistics for all your expedited air freight needs. We’ll focus on the transportation, so you can focus on growing your bottom line.

Call our operations specialists 24/7 or request access to the CAP Customer Portal to receive freight quotes and begin your shipments right away.