CAP Logistics

Valves & Pumps

Make Sure Your Customers Stay Up & Running

Everybody needs a little variety in their life. So what exactly are your customers looking for? A valve or a pump? Yeah, we know, there are only two options. To an outsider it may not seem like there is much of a selection, but you’re a veritable valve and pump hawker.

You have products that can handle the most aggressive, the most brackish, and the most unstable fluids. This makes your product reliability über important. We can’t have liquids squirting out where they don’t belong.

So if one of these bad boys croaks, call CAP. Our ultimate goal is to make sure your customers are up and running smoothly and that their flow is under control. Maybe it’s a flanged valve you’re trying to move or even a high-pressure pump system. Whatever it is, CAP’s got it covered. We serve the same industries as you, so we know the drill. In fact, some of our customers might be yours. But we wouldn’t call that fate. We know our customers recognize a good service when they see one and we’re just glad to be amongst good company.