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Let’s be honest, you’re the elephant in the room that nobody can see. You’re everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. And while fuel sources are energizing, making them into power is electrifying. Okay, enough with the puns. But harnessing all that energy has got to be exciting, that is, until the power goes out. At CAP, we’ve been through an outage or two, so we know that depending on what goes down, that could cost you. A lot. So you need someone that can get you up and running. Fast.

And just like your house needs a good spring-cleaning, so does your plant. CAP can help you prepare for those turnarounds months in advance. We aim to make your life stress free. We’ve got a whole system in place. Our ops team is just waiting for you to call them. They love the attention as much as they love making new friends. And you’ll love them too, assuming your idea of love falls within the generally accepted business-to-business love concepts. It’s that easy. Plus, this will give you extra time to write emails, do some online shopping and check Facebook.

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