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CAP Logistics grew up in the mining industry; in fact, it’s how we started back in 1982! Out on the dusty roads, just past the rock and that old house, remotely located in the wide-open spaces. That’s where we first found you. Maybe it was you, or maybe it was someone just like you that helped us carve-out our niche, providing the best, expedited, remote location solutions just for you. And while we began as just a small emergency logistics provider, CAP has turned into a powerhouse of mission critical solutions that even your hard-nosed boss can be proud of.

Our team knows the ins and outs of your business and the safety requirements you have to uphold. We want you to know that we’ll be there for you, like you’ve been there for us. You know, when you need to change a tooth, when your shovels down or when you need a new bucket. We know mine sites like the back of our hand so we can get a critical part delivered right to you. Right when you need it.

We know what you’re thinking. We’ve grown up a lot since 1982. And we think we’ve turned out to be a pretty great bunch; at least that’s what our moms tell us.

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