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Welcome to our site! We’re CAP Logistics, a mission-critical transportation logistics provider serving the heavy industries for over 30 years. We’re made up of expert route seekers, business trailblazers and a thoughtful group of delegates who are committed to building creative solutions that allow you to spend more time on your processes and production and less time on logistics.

There are a lot of us here at CAP Logistics and we’re working day and night, even on the weekends and holidays to make sure you can get your freight, when and where you need it, quickly, reliably and safely. We even dedicate a single point of contact so you have someone to rely on during your shipment – a friend if you will.

But enough about us, we want to learn more about you! Seriously, we do! We know our customers are dynamic and have unique problems, so we like to think of ourselves as problem solving visionaries crafting solution just for you! To put it simply, we’re only as good as the problems you need us to solve. Plus, the more we know about your business, your customers and your requirements the more we can develop the best and most exclusive solutions to meet your needs.

So call us! If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s how to get your shipment to you, when and where you need it, because downtime is expensive and we’re pretty sure it’s not very fun.



Corporate Social Responsibility

At CAP Logistics we believe that it is good business to be a good neighbor. In addition to supporting a number of local businesses and charitable organizations, CAP has also planned, coordinated and delivered various types of shipments in an effort to help our neighbors around the world.

2014 Humanitarian Delivery to Peru
Delivery and coordination of four, forty foot ocean containers filled with coats to be delivered to the Peruvian state of Piura.

2010/2013 Biennial of the Americas in Denver, Colorado
The Biennial of the Americas is a weeklong celebration of ideas, art and culture held in Denver, Colorado. This event brings leaders and individuals together from roughly 39 sovereign states across the Western Hemisphere to the Mile High City focused on issues plaguing their nations and what others have done to solve these problems. Outside of these larger discussions is a festival featuring food, art and dance from various countries where locals and visitors alike descend to celebrate heritage and culture of our neighbors within the Western Hemisphere.

Read more about the 2010 Biennial of the Americas here.
Read more about the 2013 Biennial of the Americas here.

2010/2011 $35 Million in Aid for Refugees and Displaced Citizens of Afghanistan
Coordinated with the United States Military along with subsequent U.S. and Canadian economic development entities across Afghanistan to deliver:

Over 15,000 winter coats and 8,000 shoes
5,000 children’s toys and 2,500 pieces of sporting equipment
23 irrigation systems and seeds for 3,500 farmers
4,000 first aid kits, 25 hospital kits and 150 walkers

2007 Supplies to Poland, Romania, Hungary and Mongolia
Over 2,000 coats and winter clothing to Hungary.
Healthcare containers to outfit hospitals along with toothbrushes and paste for dental hygiene project to Mongolia.
Over 6,800 coats and winter clothing to Poland.
500 coats to Romania.

2006 Supplies to Costa Rica, Hungary, Pakistan, Russia and Georgia
Building materials to Costa Rica.
Healthcare truck and supplies to Georgia.
1,200 coats to Hungary.
500 coats and 30 pairs of skis and boots to Russia.
3,500 coats to Pakistan

2005 Supplies to Mongolia
Delivered over 8400 coats and winter items in addition to wheelchairs and beds that were distributed to hospitals and families.

2004 Supplies to Albania
Delivered over 3,000 coats, 50 wheelchairs to Albanian families along with 75 sets of skis, boots and outfits for the Albanian Olympic Ski Team.

2003 Supplies to Poland and Romania
Delivered over 7,500 coats along with winter clothing, donated by various Colorado ski resorts to those in need.

2002 CAP South African Book Mission
Delivered approximately 30,000 pounds of new and used school books to 41 schools and libraries throughout the country.




CAP Logistics Founder and CEO, Gayle Dendinger started ICOSA, in 2008 to feature stories about leaders and individuals as well as businesses and organizations that are connecting with their communities and collaborating globally in an attempt to increase economic development, enhance business practices and boost innovation.

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